mitch & char

mitch & char

Tuesday, September 4

USA Return trip Schedule- We would LOVE to see YOU

We would love to connect with you, below are the dates of our return trip to the USA.  We will try to do an “Open house” sort of thing in Rapid City-as we do not want to offend folks if we can not see you individually in the short window we have.  That way-if you would like to see us, there will be a convenient time for us all to be together and fellowship. 
We appreciate your understanding that the priority of our return is for the remaining surgeries, to see family, connect with churches and friends that have been instrumental in the ministry and in our medical care.

Kansas City/Iola KS
Rapid City SD
Beach ND/Dickinson ND
Spartanburg SC-first round of surgeries
**Baton Rouge LA
**Colorado Springs Co
Spartanburg SC-final surgery
Feb 18 2013
Home to africa
**pending first round of surgeries results

MUCH LOVE, we are thrilled to have the amount of time we have been given to see family and friends.  The Children’s Cup ministry has been incredibly accommodating and has referenced on numerous occasions the importance of our health, healing and connecting.

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