mitch & char

mitch & char

Friday, August 8

School of Ministry Graduation

On Sunday, 19 young adult leaders will graduate our School of Ministry program.  We have so enjoyed our time with them and their families, and thanks to you- are able to extend the program for YEARS with purchase of used television and usb drive adapter for video teachings (about 300 more teachings), and one of the students taking over as facilitator.  The students requested continued learning!  (hooray!). 

Meet Ncobile- she said "before i came to School of Ministry, I couldn't be a free person in talking about sensitive things in my life, but i now see God's plan and what I am in Christ.  I have learned to protect myself from the enemy, how to pray and not be judgemental.  When we finish, I am committed to teach someone else what I have learned, for it is important for people to know what they mean to God and how much He loves us"

-We are so thrilled for our little sister Ncobile(NO(click)bee-lay), and have great hopes for her future!  Please keep her and the rest of the youth in your prayers.  We love them dearly.

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