mitch & char

mitch & char

Saturday, November 15

What do you actually do?

It can be confusing to explain what each day looks like here, and many people have asked us.  Each day is different and consists of multiple things.  This might help you to know what efforts you are supporting:

Together with our partners,
We run young adult discipleship and study groups
Feed children
Run preschools
Host bible clubs for kids
Train and coach Pastors
Do microfinance with teen girls and cooks
Construction and (starting) Farming with goal of community sustainability
Will be starting a private elementary school
Will Run an intern program
Visit and pray with people in their homes
Host mission teams

Thank you so much… we are truly THANKful for YOU.  Please do eat an extra portion of turkey and a few more scoops of green bean casserole for us when you gather!

See you in February!(prayerfully)…  please do check out the below blog and facebook links for ramblings, updates, photos and more.  We even write devotionals from time to time in hopes of encouraging you!

In Christ,
Mitch & Char

P.S. – Supporting our ministry is easy and gifts are tax deductible.  The fastest way is to make an online donation via and select our name from the list. 

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