mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, November 6

He is in every detail. Big and small!

Big group of workers went with mitch on Tuesday to clean the job site and demolition walls for the new pastors training center.
We had been struggling on what to call it as a point of reference and understanding for the community. (We don't like putting ours or "spark" name on anything).
It was called eDwaleni fruit and veg-a grocery market, and remnants of the signage are still visible.
Came home and char said "we should call it "the rock". Talked to Darryl and he recommended "Grace training center or Kingdom training center". Then I got a message...
Mom pastor (momfundisi) Jele said "I saw you working at eDwaleni, do you know what that means? (I didn't). She said it means "upon the rock".
eDwaleni training center is now official.

Love those little God involved thingys! (Note to self-listen to wife more often)

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