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mitch & char

Monday, December 22


Section 19…Swaziland.

You might remember it as a squatter camp with mud huts and abject poverty.  Its name was section 19.  It is located in the middle of the sugar cane plantations in Swaziland. Though we live just across the border in South Africa, we drove over last week as we partner with a local church that oversees 2 projects there. We sang and danced with the kids and renamed the location Khanyasile(Kahn-yah-see-lay). It is a Siswati word that means "has light shining" . Such a good word to speak over the children. Thanks to the churches of Beach North Dakota (the same people that built these outdoor facilities, gardens and more) these locations truly have become "light" in their communities.   Two VERY well run preschool programs are bringing the good news to so many children and enhancing their education, as well as feeding hundreds of kids.

Much of our other support raised has helped put nearly 80 of these children into school starting in January!  THANK YOU!!!

We watched as previously drunken men in the community who used to harass us and shout at us now stopped, took their hats off and said "thank you for caring for our children". 

We are blessed to be here in Southern Africa to lift up and support the local church as they impact their communities for Christ. It is not about us, but about growing His Church-and He is busy here!

What a savior we celebrate this week!  A baby, born to die and save the world.   It makes us look at the potential of each of these children in a whole new “light”.

As you a gather around your Christmas tree this year. Remember Him and that it's more about those around the tree than the decorations.  Know that we are here celebrating the KING with you!

We love you, and wish you the absolutely best Christmas !!

Mitch & Charlotte

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Kelly said...

Thank you for what you're doing! How exciting that the people are so open to the works of Christ!