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mitch & char

Friday, December 26

Smaller is...bigger?

We hope and pray your Christmas was filled with Comfort and Joy!  And now…on to a New Year!   

So many people think of the grandeur and spectacular nature of a clean slate and ushering in a new year.  Big, BIG, BIG.. boom..Flash..HOORAY.


My guess is, however, that you probably remember the times when it was just you and a select few as the most impactful in your life.


As we reflect back on this past year we have realized that Smaller is…BIGGER!  The small groups and intimate times with people we are in connection with have had much greater impact and are farther reaching(in depth and width) than any spectacular single event we have done.


Last week we stopped by Mahushu(the project we started with Pastor Richard’s guidance over 2 years ago).  Richard has become a dear, trusted friend.  More passionate than we are about reaching the hurting.  It is so nice seeing an African(Ugandan) fall in love with caring for people and leading them to Christ.  He knew we were coming by to see the church(that you and many local Afrikaaners built) but more importantly to spend some time with him.  Unbeknownst to us, he had arranged a surprise.  All of this past years students from School of Ministry were there!  We sat and shared and asked them what the most impactful time with the Lord was for them in the year gone by.  “healing in family, healing in hearts, no more condemnation, joy”…the fruit list went on.  It was a POWERFUL time with these young adults!  (ps-THANK YOU for supporting the ministry efforts here- because of you, THEY know He cares).  Then came the tears…


The students said “we put together some little bits of money we had and got you a gift”.  WOW, so humbling.  They had a lovely card, and a small package.  3 juice glasses.  Perhaps the most beautiful glasses we have ever seen.  Simple, plain, but overflowing with heart.  And now-several of them are talking about relocating to serve with our work where we are now.  If I did the whole silly hashtag thing I would say “Blessed” (but I haven’t really figured this crazy thing out yet).


As we enter 2015, we continue to look at ways to go deeper with small groups-so as to be more effective in duplicating.  Walking tough relationships together.   There’s this guy we read about from long ago.  He loved to spend, and spent most of His time with 12 men.  It seemed to work, as now over 2000 years later…well, we are all products of those 3 years of time investment He made.  (in case you haven’t realized- that guy was Jesus Christ).  Yes, He spoke to the masses, but He always retreated to the 12.  He was intentional, focused, passionate.


Thank you for your love, your grace, your prayers, your support.


Pic of the students as they surprised us.


All our love and best as you enter 2015!

Mitch & Char


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