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mitch & char

Saturday, July 26

bigger day

another incredible day(sorry, still no pics, we are having technical difficulties, but i can tell you this.. we have THOUSANDS of smiling childrens faces).... a frantic and hectic, enjoyable day, and God has once again proved his faithfulness. amazing to see the lives being changed in the team. they have fallen in love with our kids-and the kids have fallen in love with the team. I have heard some of the most amazing testimonials and stories from the team-things that would just floor you... what they went through to come here, and what He has shown them since we arrived... nearly everyone has chosen a child to sponsor-they understand how vital that is to sustain life here. We partner with very poor churches, in very poor neighborhoods. there is little infrastructure, but the heart and passion is there. Larry commented today..."I saw GOD" he went on to explain that God is Love, and he has seen more of that than ever - amidst the team, and from the moms, dads and kids that live here. Sponsorship is truly making a difference, but the need is so incredibly great. we see children standing outside of and waiting to come into the child development centers... and it breaks our hearts... we want to help them all, but can not. We are eternally grateful for what KSBJ is doing- they are really working hard to share the vision and passion and heart of Mission of Mercy, and at last count- over 200 kids sponsored. We have an opportunity to worship at a local church tomorrow- i am so excited for that.. worship with other cultures is so vital for us to see and experience. God loves them, as much as He loves you and I.

I am so proud and impressed of the Mission of Mercy team back home.. they are crankin away to get it all put together. Melissa has been phenomenal,(as i have had to communicate with her) and i know that everyone is working hard. I pray that they know that it is changing lives. it is so easy for us to be in our offices and forget about what it is all about- to know that children have eternal hope!... today 15 children at our project (1 of the 4) accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

We have an Awesome God!!

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