mitch & char

mitch & char

Monday, July 28

work and home visits

our final day before a big day of travel. we split into 4 teams again and off we went-painting, scraping, plastering and cleaning. the projects were so grateful to have us come, and we were humbled by their tears and thanks.

a few moments that were very touching. sponsors meeting their sponsored kids.. the pictures speak for themselves-they live in an incredible poor part of Tegucigalpa:

tomorrow, its on the bus, a short 5 hour (give or take a few ) drive to San Pedro Sula, and we debrief tomorrow night. in the past, these have generally been very emotional for the team. Trying to process all that they have seen, and understand why we were born in america. we will do our best to prepare them to join society again, and what they can do to impact the world.

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basteffan said...

Hey Mitch,

I don't know if you remember me, but we met briefly at Hills Alive. I'm the other North Dakota guy!! Lacy told me to check out your blog cuz your are in Honduras and it might interest me. During Hills Alive, I sponsored a boy that lives there. I am very excited about it and I just wanted to say that I think its awsome what you guys are doing there. I will pray for you and your team and have a safe trip back.

Dickinson, ND