mitch & char

mitch & char

Tuesday, August 18

Arrived in Swaziland

Just over 1 hour ago we arrived at the hotel. (hot showers for everyone)! It took quite a bit to get across the border (South Africa/Swaziland).. just a slower system than the developed world. What a beautiful country, and JUST the right team. From 16 to nearly 70 years old, boys, girls, women, men.. and everyone has begun developing friendships the past 48 hours(when you sit next to someone that has not showered for 2 days- they really do become your friend-because you are both too kind to tell the other just how bad they smell :-) )

Just a few pics attached. We stopped for a late lunch on the South African side (very clean, and modern... but tomorrow the team will see the harsh reality and living conditions they have only heard about). We had a 10 hour layover in Frankfurt-so we took everyone out of the airport for a few hours to see the city.

God is already working in hearts.. The anticipation of meeting the sponsored children tomorrow is so thick, you can nearly see it. One thing that never ceases to amaze me- 35 strangers get along incredibly well when the common purpose is being Christ's hands and feet. AMAZING.

More tomorrow- time to eat and get some sleep. (as long as we can get a few minutes of internet connection- we will do our best to get you some amazing stories and pictures) ..

ps-thursday night- a feast for kings(and the team does not know it yet.. shhhhh:-)--- Impalla (not the Chevy model either) and Wildabeast-- YUM!!


jlpett said...

God smiles upon the people of Swaziland. Enjoy basking in His gaze in the days ahead!

Lanna said...

Laura Lou I am waiting to see your picture up with your sponsored child.

Terri said...

Thanks for the updates! Can't wait to read more. Take good care of Suzi and Chad for us! :) Terri

Papa Q said...

Great updates - thanks, Mitch!! Get some rest, the adventure begins. Maya, we're all thinking of you and REALLY glad you're with this team, and wish we were there. All our love and thoughts are with you...all ok @ home. You GO girl! (Africa? really?...WOW!!)
Papa Q

Alan T said...

Be the eyes, be the hands and be the feet. Let God shine through every smile and every hug.