mitch & char

mitch & char

Saturday, August 22


WHOO HOOO.. the day wrapped with WPFF BIG VBS!!!   The team had an amazing time, and I think the kids did too. (facepainting, balloons, stories and more)  We had donations before we came in the line of shoes, shirts, hats and quilts- all given to those with the most need.  There is still so much need here, and as you can see by the picture of Fran(guy) and Lucky(his sponsored child)-what an emotional draining day.  We had to say our goodbyes to the children today. 


This journey has only just begun- there will be years of understanding and trying to help in any way possible.  Many of the team have already asked how they can help when we get back to the states.  They are going to talk to their friends and churches and see if we can’t get more children sponsored.


Tomorrow it is off to church- and some fun shopping for trinkets and souvenirs.  Monday-we head home.. will leave here at 10am, drive across the border, catch a 6 pm flight out of Johannesburg South Africa, head 11 hours North to Frankfurt, wait a few hours, then 8 hours west to Chicago.  The team will then divide out- many hopping a 4 hour school bus ride back to Green Bay.


The next chapter of this blog is best told by all those that went… Seek them out,,, show GENUINE interest in what they have done and seen.  The hardest part for first time short term missionaries is having family and friends not show interest in something that has rocked their world and changed their hearts.


God bless you!


Until the next trip or event,


I remain at His service….mitch



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Kate said...

Mitch & Char, you are right on in so many ways, especially about struggling when people back home can't understand your heart or passion. I'll continue to pray for your team. And we can't wait to see and hear what God has done in your hearts in Swazi! See you soon!

Kate Fugate