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mitch & char

Saturday, September 11

First Podcast "Hope Found" Nelly's story

We just finished our first podcast interview here in Swaziland.  Nelly is living with HIV and has found HOPE in her circumstances.


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Please spread the word, as we try to “spread the word” about Swaziland.  Email/tell your friends, ask them to share it, subscribe and follow, and get their feed back. 


This is our first episode.. We hope to publish 2-3 per month.  Please let us know what stories YOU would like us to find/elaborate on.

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Cory said...

You my friends are an inspiration! Thank you for following after your dream. ;) We now have a mission program being set up called InspireLivesNow. When the site is up I'll send you the link. Our prayer is to provide for ministries like yours!