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mitch & char

Saturday, September 4

In country 48 hours

A very good morning to you(or super late night).  We have been in Swaziland nearly 48 hours now, and are realizing that this is a marathon-not a sprint.  There is a lot to be done(just like back in the states)-and in God’s perfect timing, it will be!


We are seeing that it is not all “black and white” (new blog coming soon at  Even English words here have a different meaning.  Ie. “Now” does not mean NOW… it means-when I get to it.  “Just Now” means I want it now, but will take it when I can get it.  And “Now Now” means NOW.  They have a product called Hair Mayonaise(which just makes us giggle), and Mitch is taller than most folks here.  People have very limp handshakes, and seldom look you in the eye.


We are picking up the language(siSwati) bit by bit already(“dakshana wena” means “I will whoop you”-more of a joke statement that makes them laugh), have gone to the “grocery”store, been shocked by prices (campells soup truly is 5$ US per canJ), been to one of the carepoints(will visit the other 18 on Monday-as it is a national holiday, and will be an easy day to travel around the country), and today… we get to drive for the first time(pretty nervous about that.. especially right hand turns(remember, they drive on the opposite side/steering wheel on the opposite side/stick shift on the opposite side). 


It is beautiful here.  Quite chilly(wearing jackets and even a stocking cap this morning).  Houses have no heat and where we are, they are made of concrete(cold walls).  Spring is in the air though, and the sun quickly burns off the fog of the morning.  Bullfrogs are singing(if you can call it song-maybe “joyfull noises”?)


We will start recording for the podcasts soon, have already interviewed a few of the young Swazi/Zimbabwean interns, as well as a couple of missionaries.  Learning so much about the culture and the problems the children face.  Will you pray for the kids and their families?  Right now is a tumultuous time.  The King has opened the school system for 1-2 grade free (a good thing), but parents are pulling their children out of the projects, moving all over, and shuffling to get their children a spot(limited #) in the schools.  It is creating a few problems with tracking the children, and making sure we are effective in ministry(HIV drugs/followup, meals, etc).  I am seeing the great need of wonderful partners like Joyce Meyer Ministries, US food programs, Baylor U, and Mission of Mercy.  Because of these friends, WE are able to care for the kids!


We want to thank you- your  prayers and support have enabled this journey.  Together, we have a lot to do!


Be well!

(Hambe Gahle  (hahm buh Gath ey)



Mark H said...

We love and miss you!!

Mark & Shi

Me said...

Thanks for the update! So glad God has given you such purpose already. I pray for you often :)