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mitch & char

Friday, October 8

Inquisitive smile

Look at the sparkle in his eyes.. the grin forming on his face... AMAZING
This shot was taken at the Christmas parties last year(we are gearing up
right now for this year's parties). The Children's Cup goal is to get 5000
kids "sponsored" for the Christmas party this year. $10 provides that child
a wild and fun party, puppet shows, face-painting, jumping castles(the
adults seem to like this too), a special meal, birthday cake and song for
Jesus, a showing of the Jesus film in their native language, games, and an
opportunity to be a child!! Through it all, these little ones are told and
showed that they are valued and loved. OH how far that can go in someone's
This year's theme is "Comfort" (comfort and joy) and piggy backs the dynamic
power camps that just finished up for all of the kids. Imagine the peace,
comfort, and joy THEY will have.
Here is a thought; "Give your friend/family that have everything a gift to a
child who has nothing"
(hey, walmart in the USA must have Christmas stuff in the store-figured we
were right on time)
John 15:11 "I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your
joy may be complete."
Isaiah 54:13 "And all your spiritual children shall be disciples taught by
the Lord and obedient to His will, and great shall be the peace and
undisturbed composure of your children."

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Janelle Keith said...

Great gift idea....I know what I want for Christmas, a wild and crazy party for the kids!!