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mitch & char

Saturday, October 23

a Social Experiment - Highs and Lows

Despite the desperate situations we see around us, GOD is doing some incredible things.  The local church is growing-and more importantly-getting involved.  Servolution projects coming out of the church and back into the neighborhoods.  Last week, Mitch covered preaching at Healing Place Church Swaziland.  He spoke on "Talents"... and discussed the parable.  At the end of the sermon, a challeng was offered to  both services (around 400 people) to give us their name and i will give them 10 Rand(a small amount of money to us-just under $2, but to many in the church-this would be 2 hours wages)... 86 families signed up to match the $$ with their ability/talent and do something for others.  This week we had someone call each of those families and see what they had done with the money... incredible stories from buying a grandmother bread to helping a neighborhood orphan.  We are(and we pray HE was) proud of many of these people...yes, there are many that would have taken it and put it in their pocket, but there are a few that did something with it.  We believe that there are sparks of fire all around us in Swaziland, and once the wind picks up-there will be a raging fire for Christ.   

On the flip side, this week a 10 year old boy that Children’s cup has been caring for passed away.  At the time of mourning at his homestead house, the grandmother came in and his baby sister had passed.  Yesterday, we rescued a girl from sexual abuse from her “grandfather”.  A perverted old man with HIV… now this girls blood counts are lower-and it is expected that she will also be +. 

The Highs are Higher…and the lows are lower.  The one consistent thing- Jesus.  He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We have that that we can hold on to.  




Sandra said...

Thank you for sharing!!! You all are one of my recent highs and I am glad you are here to help me handle the really low lows!!! Thanks for your fresh view, amazing love and refreshing spirit!!!! May we enjoy new highs soon!!!!

Carrie said...

Praise God for the sparks of fires that are starting. Thanks for sharing and being honest about your experiencing over in Swazi- both good and bad. I'm praying for you guys!