mitch & char

mitch & char

Friday, October 29

Mitch and Char - what Children's Cup is doing in Swaziland

Just a short video update from Swaziland! Newsletter and Podcast coming soon.. ready to learn about Labolla? (how the "dowry" system works here).. gather your cows and get ready-it's coming on this weeks Podcast!


Kelly said...

Sending encouragement and lots of prayers your way! So good to see you both!

Sandra said...

Impressive!!! You captured it amazingly!! I'm ready to sponsor you both and I live here!!! Keep getting the word out!! You are such an encouragement!!! Glad you are here---making a difference!!! And by the way, when did you find the time to do this???

Rhonda Ramsdell said...

You guys are awesome! I reposted this video because it is good to see what you are doing there, and see those amazing little faces! God bless you, and please keep standing strong.

Stacey said...

LOVE IT! & Love you guys! SO happy to see Miss Christina doing well! Hug those precious munchkins for me!

Greg said...

Thanks guys! It makes it so tangible to see the context of where you are working. Praying for continued success and provisions. Oh, and for your strength!
Love ya,