mitch & char

mitch & char

Tuesday, November 9

Car can be repaired-people can not be replaced.

We have felt SO encouraged these past few days.  Yes, circumstances can certainly appear overwhelming-but does ANY of it surprise God?  NO WAY.  Knowing that and coming to an understanding of actually Believing that is a process.  We see where God’s hand was even in the accident last week.  6inches potentially separated us from being among the living.  The impact point was absorbed mainly by the front left tire,assembly,axel,etc.. (the left side/doors, windows, panels, shocks, will all have to be repaired replaced)—yes, REPAIRED.  We will not have to purchase a new vehicle, and for ¼ the cost of a new car here-we can get this one fixed.  (hoping for a sweet multi-colored car :-))

Cars can be replaced/repaired.. people can not be.  For this we are grateful(although-if Jesus decided to take us both at the same time-AWESOME!!)

From this circumstance we are developing a DEEPER relationship with each other, and more importantly- a profound deepness with the Lord.

We are alive, the location of the accident was yards away from a hospital- doctors were on scene immediately, the lady in the other car has now been released from the hospital, and we are sorting out with them (we have 3rd party insurance-similar to liability in the USA)how to proceed and stay out of court.  The police department(multiple filings, fines, locations) have issued a summons for a court hearing, but we believe it will be canceled.

We are doing well, not just from the accident, but from ALL of the “stuff” that has been going on.  There is a large challenge that we are in-and continues ahead of us.  We will not give the enemy any credit, so will simply say- “God does all things well!” 

We received 100s of emails and notes of encouragement, scripture, and more.  We are SO blessed by SO many.  THANK YOU for your prayer and emotional support in what was a very dark time for us.  The ups and downs of international missions are extreme, and we are encouraged!



Kelly said...

You are WELL!!! Yay!

Susan S. said...

SO glad you guys are o.k. :) I'm hoping that you get a multi colored vehicle too! You'll fit right in. Bless you both for the great works you are doing and enjoy all those precious children. HUGS to you ya special.