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Monday, November 29

Youth discovers the power of prayer!

Kudos to Missionary Mark B. for capturing this story;

Nonsikilelo (aka Ziggy) is a 14 year old girl. Her father has died, leaving
her and her seven siblings orphaned. Her mother was without a job. Her main
source of food was found at the CarePoint.
Ziggy has always attended children's church on Sundays, but it never
impacted her. She was coming to the CarePoint for her daily food, but she
was neglecting basic responsibilities. She was misbehaving both at the
CarePoint and at her home, not doing her chores, coming home late, and
disobeying the teachers and her mom.
Since Ziggy started coming to the CarePoint youth group, she's been
changing. She learned about prayer. She then taught that teaching on
prayer to her siblings. Then they all prayed for their mother to get a job.
And God answered their prayers by providing a job for their mother.
Ziggy is now an active member at youth group, often teaching her family and
her peers the lessons that she is learning from youth group and putting them
into practice. She is obedient, willing to serve, and happy all the time
We asked the teacher what was the main reason for Ziggy's change. Her
reply, "She has received Jesus, the real Jesus, because Jesus is the only
One who changes the person. It's not us."
Praise God! Please pray that Jesus would continue to change a whole
generation of youth here in Swaziland, one person at a time.

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Carrie said...

That is a wonderful story! Praise God for His faithfulness! Thanks for sharing!!
Blessings! Carrie