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mitch & char

Tuesday, December 21

Christmas post card and highlight of Christmas celebrations

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Merry Christmas to ALL!!! We mailed a big pile of Christmas cards out from Swaziland 2 weeks when you go to your mailbox in march and get it-just be surprised. It looks like this!

What an incredible season. 18 “Christmas at the CarePoint” celebrations around the country. Children learning all about comfort and joy! (and having fun, a big meal, and more)…SO many stories to tell, but the best was a little girl that commented on her favorite part of the celebration. Not the jumping castle, not the play, not the bbq chicken, not the cake and party, not the singing and dancing, not even the movie….her response “I heard about Jesus”.

We are in awe of what God is allowing us to be part of here in Swaziland…thanks to YOU!

Bless you, thank you, and Merry Christmas!

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