mitch & char

mitch & char

Tuesday, December 28

2 worlds

Official Swaziland attire as seen daily here in Africa…note the club/stick in one hand… and Cell phone in the other!


Last week(Christmas Eve Day)was Incwala (in “click” walla)…the short explanation- celebration of first fruits . It involves thousands coming together, worshipping and praying to ancestors.  For us-this is a spiritually dark season, we knew that ancestral worship was common, but did not realize (and still do not fully) the detail in which this is engrained in a society.  So…what can we do?  We can pray and ask you to do the same.  This strengthens our resolve at church, CarePoint, and meetings to give the uncompromised message of Christ.  Yes, there is American Culture, there is Swazi Culture…but there IS Jesus Culture-and THAT can be our common ground.

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