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mitch & char

Sunday, December 12

What do you see on that mountain?

I had a friend share this.. seems quite relevant to all we chase after in Life…(thanks Lacy)

The mountain top experience is a great experience, a great encouragement, and how when we are on the mountain top we can see and look towards the next mountain. But how nothing grows on top of a mountain. All the (Growth) plants, etc are growing on the side of the mountain (the steepest part of the climb when climbing a mountain) and in the valley and wilderness in between the mountains, comparing it to our spiritual walk and journeys in life. When the wilderness gets thick and you are having a hard time seeing the trail, know that you are there for a reason and you will reach the next mountain and make it to the top!

I wonder if it is really about being on the next mountain top. Being from Colorado(or at least most recently), I have learned that once you summit one peak-the thing you really see are other peaks-you tend to lose the focus on the small steps, the ones that got you there. Perhaps more reflection on the journey is in order to remember and see what HE has done in our lives to get us where we are now…and then on to see what summit is next…more importantly- what valley and wilderness.

God loved to use mountains. Mt. Sinai, Mt. Caramel, Mt. of Olives, etc--

Deut 33:15 referenced to thank HIM for the chief things of the ancient Mountains....

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Janelle Keith said...

This is has been on my heart..."straining to see"...Him! This picture is perfect. I have one just like it, and it will soon be a blog post. Thanks for sharing.