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mitch & char

Thursday, February 2

Beautiful African People

They really are! In the last year and a half, the Lord has shown us so much, but the one thing that rises to the top deals with relationships. Ours with Christ and in observing Africans with each other(and us). I continue to be amazed at what LOVE looks like. Africans KNOW love! Family taking in and taking care of family, friends and neighbors. Everyone helps each other without any forethought. No one retreats to their own private hiding spots. If one has food-it is shared with the entire group. No one leaves home at age 18kids are always kids- even if they are 50 and have grandchildren of their own, they are always welcome to be at the homestead and with the family. The family unit in Africa (and many parts of the developing world) is so INCREDIBLY beautiful.

Romans 12:16 reminds us all to Live in harmony with each other…” This is one of the many things I am learning more about each day in Africa. I often feel selfish that I am getting more out of being a missionary than I could possibly ever give. These truly are beautiful people. I LOVE their hearts! Praise God for relationships. It is in THAT, that we find our salvation. Jesus does not want a bunch of rules and eloquent languageHe just wants to spend time with us-building an intimate relationship-and I think that at the core, our friends here in Africa understand that-as it is a way of life for them.


Anonymous said...

Amen!!! So true! Wish I could do it well but getting better at it little by little!

Janelle Keith said...

Beautiful people, beautiful country, beautiful problems. That's why we all need Jesus!