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mitch & char

Friday, February 17

Death of a child.

Today, a former intern and graduate of our Global Leadership Academy program;  Rachael (and now our HIV Counselor) came to me-she always has a smile, but he sparkle was void in her eyes.  A 9 month old that they just identified 2 days ago with HIV passed away last night.  I watched as Rachael took the burden and weight on herself and felt hopeless, like she did not do enough fast enough.  I loved that God was working in her and had even prepared her a little.  As we debriefed, she referenced a scripture from days prior about someone dying and why we would want to bring them back from the glory they are in. 

She is hurting and sad of course-how could we all not be?  But .. (I LOVE Gods interjections with a But) there are hundreds of kids that we have identified who are receiving consistent care and treatments because of this program.  With more resources and passionate people like Rachael, I believe that the next incident of identifying a sick child will result in a different ending.  God is working in this program, and I know the enemy will want to confound and depress us all(I am often subject to that as a weakness in my life)but I KNOW that He did not forget that child.. perhaps He DID heal that 9 month old in His way, not ours.

I am reminded of the KEY reason that Char and I were compelled to come here: Nearly 4 years ago on our visit an ill 9 month old died- same story.  God gave us Those that sew in tears will reap a joy of harvest I cry yet again this morning, but know that God is confirming in all of us- one more reason we MUST work diligently to serve His kids.

Please pray for ALL of our medical team and staff  The burden they carry is deep, but I KNOW that I KNOW- our God is using this to bring them (and me) to a heightened intimacy with Himself.


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Janelle Keith said...

Compelling...convicting...God's story continues...