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mitch & char

Wednesday, February 15

Hope through a backpack?

The Cup backpacks have been put to good use all across Africa!   Details, stories and videos coming soon, for now- just a taste!


She popped her shoes off by the fence at Mpolonjeni CarePoint.  Njabu is 8 and going through the 2nd grade.  Her tattered yellow dress (missing 2 buttons) and ripped stockings seemed to just blend in to the scenery surrounder her.  She plopped down in the grass with 2 friends(one was born without a leg) and Charlotte.  She had 3 playing cards(all were 8s).  She smiled as we joked about her not having a full deck.  A contagious joy and inexplicable laughter came from her  tiny frame and we all began to giggle.  Her pack is full of her school books and is a reminder to us(the missions team in Swaziland) that HIS word is going forth.  We have had the priviledge of seeing hundreds of these on the streets, dirt paths, and nearly every school across the nation.  A tangible way to see the impact of your giving!  We are BLESSSED as we get to see the results of your efforts.  On behalf of all of the missionaries and African staff- THANK YOU for equipping us to alter the destiny for a generation!

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Luke said...

are you going to be doing the fill a back pack again this year?