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mitch & char

Thursday, October 31

Fwd: Seasons of Change

(pics below) and Newsletter attached too!

The explanation: 

Wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do for us, we see great things happening through Christ in now our 4th year here in Africa-and we could not do it without you. 

The MOST important thing you can do for us now and always is Prayer.  Prayer changes things, and we are SO grateful to be included in your conversations with the Father!

Our role with Children's Cup as they grow wider, has been primarily administrative.  We feel the Lord is leading us a slightly different direction to narrow our focus to go deeper with a smaller number of children. We believe that Children's Cup will grow to hundreds of projects.  We hear the Lord asking us to re-focus our efforts and days on select numbers in a deeper way in lieu of dynamic expansion management.  We are changing our focus to go deeper with smaller groups of children(2-3 groups of 100 to start) to create self-sustainable community based projects, equip them, hand them back to community(with oversight and accountability going forward) and then start additional projects.  

We are also passionate about equipping and training  pastors and leaders-and this has birthed our school of ministry and discipleship(now underway). We are trying to better duplicate ourselves to stand the test of time. 

This means that we will no longer be affiliated with Children's Cup and their ministries.  

Over the upcoming months, we will be assisting the new leadership of Children's Cup in a smooth and effective transition to ensure that the ministries continue and grow. (we are heavily invested in seeing this great work continue) 

This is opening a door for us to change the way our friends and family give financially.  If you support us financially, may we impose yet again on you?  We would be blessed to continue our partnership with you, and if you would, will you please prayerfully consider continuing or adding us by contacting Children's Cup at and cease your giving there and then go to (select donate and our names) and set it up afresh?   (if you don't financially support the ministry efforts we undertake, would you prayerfully consider it at ?)

So sorry to burden you with extra tasks, we assure you that it will not be in vain.  By making this change, it equips us to be more proactive with the people we identify, and to build a strong long lasting network for change.  We are still serving the very same people group(the Swazi and Zulu poverty stricken), but now with a clearer focus on what the Lord is asking of us.

Thanks so much for your friendship, love and support.  We SO appreciate you and never want you to feel that we are taking advantage.

Thanks again, love you, miss you- and HOPE you will consider coming to Africa to serve alongside us!


M n C

P.S. -  Supporting our ministry is easy!  The fastest way is to donate online: -- and select Mitch & Charlotte Hildebrant from the list.  You can also set up automatic monthly Gifts with your credit card if you choose the "Monthly" option.  Or simply mail your check to: World Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061 and designate for Mitch & Charlotte Hildebrant #280.

(praying with an ill man, kids eating lunch, youth leaders event(pizza, bibles and a movie), new donated used tires for daycare kids to play on, Tent crusade, )


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