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mitch & char

Tuesday, October 15

No longer a prostitute

Wanted to share this with you! (a full update on ministry will come soon :-))

We have just finished 2 weeks of nightly tent crusade in Mganduzweni.  This community is hungry for a church that loves people regardless of their backgrounds or current sins.  This past Sunday was the first Sunday of "launching" the church.  We anticipated that by the end of the crusade we might see 50 adults coming...we were amazed to see over 100 adults and 150 children by night 5.

We had powerful times of prayer, messages, worship and ministry.  

On night 9...SHE came.  She came forward in the service and publicly repented.  She had had a client each night previous to this night.  She said she wanted to leave that lifestyle behind, focus on her children and trust God to take care of her. (NOT an easy decision when you have NO other income source).  She said "I am NO LONGER A PROSTITUTE!"

Pastor Richard is fathering her now. (she is maybe 25 years old, and has 2 children that we know of). Followup is critical in cases like this, and the church is committed to make sure she has what she needs.

This is the fruit of your prayers and support.  THIS is one more reason we are where we are.  She needed Jesus to break off some seriously big chains and like a strand of thread-he snapped them off for her.  We love it when people have an encounter with the relational and loving Jesus-the meet-er of all our needs.

One more mother to now love and guide her children!  Success.

We are believing that this is just the start for this community.  Witch Doctors, Ancestral worshipers, blood cleansers and more WILL be coming to Christ soon as the church reaches out to the lost and hurting.

 thanks so much for letting us be part of this.

M n C


Nancy Holte said...

Best news today! Thanks for sharing it!!

Kelly said...

Praise God!! Wondering if you read that book I sent you. PM me with your thoughts about it. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Bless you for th great work u do in africa, coming our way u have helped save many lives and feeding hundreds of children is a Richard Senyange