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mitch & char

Tuesday, October 8

in awe of His awesome drawing power

We met a man some time ago when we purchased the pickup truck here in South Africa.  He spoke about his creator and how he loved people-and really sounded like a "christian that GOT IT".  He truly lives that way too.  He was gifted at customer service and followthrough, and every promise he made, he kept.  This is a concept that is NOT common in this part of the world, so we spoke with the dealership owner and said how pleased we were with him and that 100% because of him is why we bought from that dealership.  The owner was amazed as it is equally not common for great service to be recognized. 

We have seen our "friend" multiple times sense, and everytime greeted with a smile and offer of coffee and time spent.  

Today we were negotiating on a newer deliver truck for the ministry as we continue to grow and employ a full time driver- of course, we went back to our friend.  He said that our speaking with the manager and staying with the dealership and now coming back again for another vehicle has assisted with prompted the manger to give him a promotion to run the entire front end of the dealership. As they want to duplicate him in the rest of the staff.  He said "i have some leave coming up and would LOVE to take a few days with you and go out and see and be part of all you are doing.  You have loved me as a christian...EVEN THOUGH I AM MUSLIM". And i want to understand why you are different from my past experiences and why you do what you are doing to help leaders and children.

Blown away at the Holy Spirit's drawing power to reach the least and lost.  We are now on our knees praising ABBA for what HE is about to do- we are believing that this man will find freedom in Christ soon!  Pray with us wont you?

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