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Friday, December 6

Good company promotes good morals

The bible says: 1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: "Bad company ruins good morals." 
- So Good company must promote good morals!!...There are those in life that make us better...

Feeling pretty blessed indeed!  If you know me you know i don't celebrate my birthday (actually, i just don't like the attention).  So i try to keep it a normal and typical business as usual kind of day

A few months ago i had a conversation with a young Ugandan man.  Brilliant guy, very intelligent, great english and more.  He was "Good Company".  He landed in South Africa through a series of unfortunate events and broken promises.  Ready to give up on his ministry dream and try to get back to Uganda.

We spoke briefly that day and the next he gave me a drawing with a story on the creation of the world(void space, dove, waters) and a personal testimony and note on the bottom.  It brought me to tears.  a few items written :  "Mitch, You motivated me with your words and i felt something new that day, a word of God for me- from above through you, it increased my faith,i want to do that for others if god can show me how, for it is my vision"

I have saved this paper for months and look at it every so often.  It is good to have reminders in ministry.  

It disappeared 2 weeks ago...i  was sad/concerned as this scrap piece of paper was truly a treasure to me.  It showed back up today...matted and framed.  That amazing wife of mine knew and took action-and now has presented me with my 40th birthday gift.  Now safely preserved and proudly hanging on my wall as a testimony of God's goodness in a young mans life.  

Here we are months later, and this young man has now planted a church and is caring for 150 underprivileged children.  Gideon, I am SO proud of you, I believe that God has a brilliant future for you, I am SO blessed to get to do ministry with you. You didn't know it, but your gifts meaning is deeper than the paper, mat and frame.  As I turn 40- my HEART is full.  THANK YOU.

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Bec said...

Beautiful message, beautiful gift, beautiful brother. Happy Birthday!