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mitch & char

Monday, December 2

Amazed? oh yah- must be a God thing

Ever have those moments where you go... Huh?  What?  What just happened here?  The vastness of God should allow fur us to NEVER be surprised, but yet the diminutive size of our intellect always makes for an exciting reaction.

As we look to transition from Children's Cup towards a more hands on and deeper ministry effort here in Africa, we find ourselves praying that God would give us HIS vision for what is to be accomplished.  We believe that deep discipleship is the major focus of this effort(hence the schools of ministry we have started).  Along with that, we see a vast need for "In community By community" care of widows and orphans.  We don't exactly know what that will look like, but are excited to see what He ordains.  We are still VERY busy covering and tending to all details Children's Cup until the new leadership can arrive in country(prayerfully by mid February, as we gave 6 month notice and will transition 31 march), then we will devote every effort into transferring all with excellence, THEN we can focus on our community projects(though we are already doing site visits and exploring where God would have those efforts start).  
The schools just could not wait- These people are HUNGRY for the living God, and how can one possibly say- "Yes, i know, but i'm just too busy"?  (BUSY= Being Under Satans Yoke). 

So in our quiet and prayer time, we have been asking the Lord to reveal what that would look like.   We stand in AWE!.   We had NO expectation of having a team of people to work with that feel the same way about ministry as we do... lets fly the flag of Christ, nothing more, nothing less!... so, check this out.(deliberately being a big vague on names, as we and they all know-it is more about Who we follow than who we are)

As we formulate a way forward for maximizing resources and impact, God brought together this week:

D & J -South Africans who lived in the USA ( their ministry is a siswati word for "In the Spirit")- teaching pastors and working together with School of Ministries. and Young adult and youth 3-4 day intensive "camps". There is NO ONE i have ever met that exudes grace and love like these two.   Along with them come Zimbabwean T & V, pastor and wife.  He loves working with young adults and she is brilliant with children.

J & K -Americans with a Swazi ministry(remember, the people we serve here are all siswati, even though we are in South Africa)- "K" is incredibly gifted at women's rural ministries and connecting in a heart level.  "J" is great with young boys (former scout master)

D & B -Americans with a ministry about being hands and feet.  "D" is a highly competent multi tasker with great vision and the ability to tend to detail.  "B" is brilliant at children's education programs.

CT-she and her husband, as local South Africans, are very connected and part of the reason we believe God planted deep within us a vision to have community and country care for itself.  She is a fantastic educator in the premier school of this province.  We are better people having her and her generous husband in our lives(they showed us that South Africa Can!)

B & S -Zimbabweans who LOVE the Lord and are incredbily connected.  They understand ministry that must self sustain after a season, and have been around the block a few times(20+ years of ministry in this part of the world).  "B" is all about accountability, and "S" tends to the detail.  Powerful couple. 

Then, there is us... M & C.  Other than being smoking hot, "C" is amazing with children, music, coordination, and supporting "M".  I believe that i am a detailed visionary, the Lord shows me what He wants, and has equipped me to carry it out by involving others.  We don't "own" a thing (including people) and just want Christ Glorified.  We just want to Love people well, and train them up to care for those around them.

Of course, as we look to transition away from Children's Cup, we will maintain our relationships with Pastor Richard and Gideon, Pastors Jele, Mnisi, Daniel, Joyce, Fikile, Selby, Chris and Maxwell, David, Thuli and Many others.

We are thrilled to see where the Lord leads, but in awe of the "team" He is putting together and the timing of it.  Now we just need someone experienced in micro finance businesses and gardening, and we KNOW He is going to provide that in due season.

Next step- Teams!- INVOLVING YOU!!.. please would you talk to your church about sending a small team(or combining churches, friends, groups) and come serve with us?  No matter what your gifting and talent, we have learned that ALL are valuable on the mission field.. that includes YOU!

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Kelly said...

My friend who has her own ministry in India ( has told me how they are putting up orphanages and are having the widows take care of the children. Maybe that's something to ask God about. Love you both!