mitch & char

mitch & char

Sunday, December 22

What do you want for Christmas this year?

Revelation 4 shares briefly a glimpse of heaven. A human account and attempt to explain an inexplicable glimpse of a heaven that can not be comprehended by our minds. It's what we all want...eventually.

In my 40 years, I have ran from attempted Tamil attack in Sri Lanka
Ate dimsum in Hong Kong, walked the streets of Belgium and drank overpriced water in Frankfurt, been to all states in the union,(except Connecticut), drove my first tractor at age 7, was president of a company, drank the best fresh ground coffee in Ethiopia and squished mud through my toes in Kenya. Been Coast to coast in Honduras, entered Haiti and ate Pizza Hut in Dominican Republic. Road the Zambezi, saw wild elephants in Zambia, pet a lion in Zimbabwe. Saw Niagara and Victoria falls-truly a wonder of the world.
Lived in the last monarchy in Africa(Swaziland), Sweat in Senegal and Sudan. Preached in Mexico and Jamaica, snorkeled in the Bahamas. Almost met Jesus due to disease in Africa. Swam in both sides of the Indian Ocean, bounced in a jumping castle in South Africa. Climbed a Mayan ruin. Held a dying baby in Swaziland. Married a beautiful woman. Saw people meet Jesus for the first time and recommit for the 70th time. Rejoiced at baptisms and the significance of the decision. Held my newborn healthy niece, ate crocodile and alligator, danced in New Orleans, took in the summer solstice in Alaska and walked on black sand beaches in Hawaii.

But nothing on this earth compares to what waits for us. Oh heaven come. What a gift.

There are many that don't understand who Jesus is or What His hope for their lives is... I pray they will listen to the small voice that is calling them and experience a life of eternity that is beyond our imagination. Beyond any earthly adventure, sight or experience.

This is what I want for Christmas. I want more people to experience the hope and joy I have. To have inexplicable peace in life that can only come from one source. To have their names written in a book of life. Now THAT would be a great Christmas Gift. And I believe we can give it to others this year. If you and I listen and obey to whatever it is that God is asking of us; Maybe it's that quiet neighbor you haven't met, or that weirdo from the office. Perhaps the lady in front of you at walmart? Have you shared eternity with them?

This Christmas we pray you are blessed and you experience His joy and peace like never before. This Christmas we pray you will share that gift with everyone He brings into your path.

You don't have to be a "missionary" to have a "mission field". You ARE a missionary and your fields are ripe. Let's get to it this Christmas. Give away the best Gift!

Merry Christmas dear friends.