mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, October 30

Extra Extra, Newsletter and no ebola here:

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Please check out the simple and easy to read 1 page newsletter attached.  Exciting times here, and great growth in the Lord.  We want you to be part of it and realize the impact your prayers and support have and continue to make!.

Also- :


- NO EBOLA here.. we are 3500 miles away from the closest documented case of Ebola.  Have peace in your heart.  We do worry for you though- YOU are closer to infections and documented cases in the USA than we are here.  The reality is that if it were to make it's way here, we would have a much harder time in containing it.  Yes, the media has enjoyed it's hype, but the reality is that it is a serious illness, and we pray it is stopped and no more have to suffer from it in this world.


- We are coming to the USA in February- details to follow


In Christ,

Mitch & Char


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