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mitch & char

Tuesday, October 28

...And He laughed

We are learning to dream bigger and trust Him more.  Oh to have full faith in all things and all ways-THAT is our prayer.

So, 2 years ago we bought a property that we felt the Lord was asking us to buy.  it could hold offices, house teams and allow us to live onsite.  Brilliant!  

Confusion set in as we felt a leading to take on a farm project with our partners and move just 60 miles and more central in the community we serve (South Africa is first world "white populated" cities in a 3rd world impoverished shell).  

"Why would you want us to do this Lord?  We really just got settled with property and with the vision we felt you giving us..."

...And He laughed

It isn't Audible, but if it were the conversation went something like this:

"You never fully trust me, and i know the dreams i have given you are big.  I also know your personality enough that you need to move step by step and not leap by your home was the right vision for this season.  It was the step to get you towards expanding that vision even bigger.  Now you can do all those things you were doing and create jobs, have community, build relationships, teach skills and reach a wider distance with european intern students"

And we have seen His faithfulness in every detail and expansion.

Moral of the story: Leap or not, take steps and watch Him move!


Mitch Hildebrant
Missionary to Southern Africa

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