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mitch & char

Thursday, June 3

Around the world in June?

Well, we are off and running.  Leave for Kenya in a few short hours.  Charlotte and I are hosting our last joint team with Mission of Mercy.  We are thrilled to see 5 radio stations, 40+ people from 5 states come together to serve our Father and His children.  We will be back just 3-4 days and then I am taking my final trip with Mission of Mercy; taking a team of 40 to the Dominican Republic.  I have been asked “why” we do what we do with Mission of Mercy… well, it is because God has children that need us, He loves them, they do not have a father, they NEED to see a Fathers love!  It comes down to EVERY single child. 

If you do not sponsor a child-WHY?  (ok, I am going to step on toes now)-I SO often hear folks say..”I just can’t”  “I don’t have the money”, “I would rather do XX than that(but XX never happens)” but in that same breath they share about what they are buying for themselves, the extravagant vacation, the new car, other wasteful spending etc… Look, I am not faulting anyone for spending their money(I used to be the WORST at this, I actually told a missionary 15 years ago that I will have them over for a meal because I can’t afford to financially support them-It has haunted me ever since…The Lord is still working on me); I am simply saying that all too often the excuse does not meet the truth. 

I say this with conviction-Sponsorship MAKES a HUGE difference in children, families, villages and countries!  We love these kids, not because we have to, but because God asked us to-and gives us the ability and skill to show them that love. 

This may be the “harshest” post of mine you have ever read-it is not meant to be judgmental, but if you are offended… talk to God about it, and why. J (said with a smile)

We hope to update everyone along the way of these two final trips, the blogs are: and  


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