mitch & char

mitch & char

Friday, June 11

Poems by the children here in africa.

Why me
It's a cold morning, yet very fine;
No porridge, no tea, I take cold water.
No warm water, no soap for bath
Without soap with cold water I bathe
Shivering like bird in rainy season
I run to school. Is this my life? Is this my future. And why me?
Will I see. Will I read. Will I write.
Instead of abc and d I see stars
Instead of reading I sleep
Will I succeed?
Always punished because of unfinished work.
Is this my life. Is this my future?
And why me... Why me

No uniform no shoes
Walking barefoot in the hot sun. Who cares?
Putting on tattered clothes yet very dirty. Who cares. And so where is
my future. Absenteesm part of my life. No school fees no books no
pens. Sickness part of my life. Medication poor. Will I achieve my
dream. And where is my future. Total darkness. Total darkness. Who
cares. And so where is my future
Because of mission of mercy we have future
Because of your help we have hope
Because of your help we have access education
Because of your love we enjoy good health
Because of your love we eat balanced diet

Mitch-team leader

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