mitch & char

mitch & char

Thursday, June 24

Day 1 on the ground

A small pickup game of baseball, soccer, even basketball as we arrived at the Field of Dreams.  The inside of the building is where we started today, and will continue tomorrow.  Sanding the concrete walls to smooth them out and prep them for paint(sandpaper and stones rubbed on the walls)

The start of an emotional journey for many of our team.  We toured a low income area next to a different Child Development center.  Small homes stacked ontop of each other, stray wires pulled from the local electrical line, raw sewage running down the streets, and smiles on children’s faces as wide as can be.  The children and their families have already made an impact on our team.  Questions of “how do they stay so clean” “why are they so happy-they have nothing” “can I take this one home” J have been popping up all day.

Child sponsorship is making a HUGE difference here in the Dominican Republic.  We have seen these past 4 years, neighborhoods transformed, our church partners growing and seeing record attendances, and children who are no longer malnourished and are now doing well in school.  You may not be able to solve the whole problem, but YOU can make a difference in the life of ONE child.  ONE CHILD MATTERS!!


Mitch –Team Leader- Mission DR2010

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Me said...

Hey Mitch
These pics brought tears to my eyes. I remember when we first stepped onto that field when it was full of huge ruts, vines, overgrowth, tarantulas and centipedes. Is our mango tree still there? What a beautiful site to behold now. How I wish I were with you guys! I should've thought to send a gift with you for my sponsored child.
I'm praying for lives to be changed. Please visit Minerva (the old lady who lives across from the little store) for me and give her my love - she probably has a picture on her wall of her, Sarah, Casey and I that she was given last year.
Eat a mango for me!!
Luv to you all