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mitch & char

Tuesday, June 3

2 what?

Two days of work completed-and we have made incredible progress on the field. You can see where the infield will be, as we have staked it off, and begun to level the ground. They are telling us that we will finish early on the project for what was excpected to be done this week!... so, tonight we are taking up an offering to purchase supplies to fix 3 or 4 of the neighbors houses. This is so much more than just a ball field. Tomorrow afternoon, and Thursday afternoon we will work on the houses, with tomorrow morning being our final efforts on the ball field (until we play on Saturday). We will be touring "See if you Can Get out"(a slum that our friend was born in-he has now gone on to run all of our projects here, with over 2000 kids in his care. The sponsor visists will begin on Thursday morning-and the team is really looking forward to meeting their children.
this is the grass we cleared(all cut by machette..oh, on that note-do not hit your shin with a machette-it hurts and will leave a mark...i know from experience :-) )
This beautiful little girl is one of the neighbors...i would love to put her in the backpack and bring her home...

Today, the number of workers and watchers doubled. It seems as though the energy is flying through the neighborhood, with onlookers, and 20+children coming to play with us and sit under the Mango trees alongside of us. What beautiful people!
A few more tarantulas today, as well as foot long UGLY centipedes(the locals do not like these at all)
They will come running with sticks to kill these-they are poisonous, though-no one has ever died from the bites..(i guess if you eat a number of them-you might..:-P )
The team is in great spirits, and we are ready for dinner.. .tonight..... El Pizza Hutto... (roughly translated to Pizza Hut... who would have guessed there would be a Pizza Hut 1 block away)

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CPRZMOM said...

Centipedes + tarantulas = fear factor! And you guys are eating at El Pizza Hutto? There must be a chicken somewhere in the neighborhood that could produce a few dozen eggs and you guys can whip up a "centipede/tarantula" omelete!
Seriously, all of you are amazing folks with huge hearts and possess an abundance of God's love to share in such an incredible fashion with these loving people. I am honored to be connected (although remotely) with all of you!
Safe days ... Sandy Roy