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mitch & char

Sunday, June 1

Sunday Worship and touring

An incredible morning of worship with the CMA church near the new project this morning. We started shortly after 9am, and people continued to come from the neighborhood until nearly 10:30. Service ended around 11:00, and the children(pictured here)

Were wanting their pictures taken-and to see them(they figured out the “digital” cameras ;-) )
We ate lunch and went down to the worksite(field). It does not look like it, but there is A LOT of work to be done. We will all be given machetes tomorrow to start clearing the brush. There are no even surfaces(mounds of dirt, debris, undergrowth) on any portion of the field(pictured here-with a visitor)

We are hopeful to be able to see the fruits of our labor, but at the end of the day-the Lord knows why we are here. It really isn’t about how much we get done for them, it is about Him working in their lives, and changing our hearts.

We then toured the dump in Cien Fuegos(this is near the project we worked on last year) The building is incredible-and the need is so great. Within a mile of that project is this…
This is the city dump. Many of the local children help their parents in rummaging for food and materials to sell for a living. You can see a shack and a few people by it. This is normal every day life for them. Does sponsorship make a difference? You bet it does. It ensures that the children in this neighborhood receive food, clothing, education and medical assistance-most importantly, they are given hope for a future in Jesus Christ. These children have a safe place to come each day and learn. Education is critical for them to break the cycle of poverty their families have been in for generations. They are tomorrows leaders, business owners, and good mommies and daddies.

Tomorrow, we start clearing the field-we are excited to see Him move in and around us!


TanyaE said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop with the blog and pics. I can't wait to read and see more! The kiddos and I are praying for all of you.


CPRZMOM said...

Holy Moses! You have got a bunch to do. I am sure you and the team will be a blessing to absolutely everyone! We here at MoM will be actively praying for your safety, success and all out FUN in seeing these kids sweet faces!

In Him,