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mitch & char

Wednesday, June 4

Play Ball... and Extreme Home Makeover DR edition

A powerful day.. we began this morning leveling the infield and getting ready to play some ball this weekend, when we realized the other needs(we have accomplished almost all that we can at the field)... the other needs, 1 child in the project has 9 brothers and sisters all living together in a small 2 bedroom house...when it rains-it pours in through the walls. There were holes everywhere... the team wanted to make a difference, and purchased 2 mattresses(these people were sleeping on the dirt floors, and rotting fabrics in piles)and enough wood and supplies to redo an entire wall, and repair the rest.... what a blessing it was to be able to help this beautiful family. Then, on to the extreme home makeover.. another house-held together with small pieces of wire, and a few nails, rusty/holy sheet metal precariously positioned in an attempt to make a home... a strong breeze would have knocked it down. We have purchased the supplies to build a new house (about $1500)... the old one came down, and the framing began today.. tomorrow, we expec the walls will all go up, the siding on, and a new sheet metal roof... the owner said that she has Jesus in her heart-and can see Him in ours... we are all touched so very deeply. It was and is the right thing to do for these people. They know how much we love them, and that we are sharing our hearts with them... the amazing story---one of the team is here and ready to visit their friends sponsored child....we just found out(after we tore the house down) is this little boys family....HOW AWESOME IS OUR GOD!!!! (sorry to be a bit jumpy and all over in the blog)...

These kids know that it is more than 34 Greengos coming to build a baseball field. We are encouraging them to study hard, to impact change on their communities and families, and that we love them so very much.

It truly was a very emotional day-and the team is in incredibly high spirits!

Tomorrow brings the first of the home visits to meet the sponsored children, flouride treatments for 200 ninos (kids :-)) and a house to finish... Friday-more visits, and we play ball on Saturday...

Side note- roughly 60 neighbors came out today and started a short game with us on the field. It is already making a difference in the community!

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