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mitch & char

Thursday, June 5

Clean teeth, visits, and walls up!

Another exciting day here in the D.R. We gave flouride treatment to 100 children at this project(kids with sponsors and waiting for sponsors). They were all smiles showing us how white their teeth were. Michele did an incredible job interpreting for us, and Sue and 5 crew patiently showed the kids how to brush, and why they should keep their teeth healthy. The rest of the group headed down to the new house(or frame work) and spent the rest of the day working hard, cutting 45degree angles with Machettes(there is a lack of tools here) Despite the tools and "Dominican time" (its always in 10 minutes-lol).. great progress was made on the new house. all 4 walls, and rafters are up, the sheet metal goes on tomorrow, and the floor will be hand mixed and poured. This weekend, the family will have a new home! Heidi and Tracy spent alot of time with Rubelin(he is the little boy their friend sponsors-and it just so happens, the child whose family received a new home this week- how exciting! Several of the team met their sponsored children at their homes today-it was very powerful and emotional... again i find my self asking "Does sponsorship make a difference?" the answer: ABSOLUTELY!!!! it is as important to these children, as it is to our souls. These fine people are Christ in the flesh for the lost and needy. I am honored to have an opportunity to serve Christ in a fashion that impacts eternity. Each of the team members has been taking turns in leading several daily devotionals, and Morgan has an incredible voice and talent for leading our worship...

As we pulled away tonight, we drove by the new ball field-and the community is buzzing! There were people there all day, and as many as 40 this evening still playing ball. They are safe and very happy-and have become our Hermana's e Hermano's... (our new brothers and sisters)

Well off to the local restaurant. El Mac Donald's -o... ( i have learned that if i dont know how to say something in spanish i just add El in front and O at the end... the locals sure giggle at me :-))

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