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mitch & char

Friday, June 6

Bus, Visit, Bus, Play, Bus, Visit, Bus, Play

Alot of time on the bus today, but incredible! We went back to Cien Fuegos project Genesis- this is the project the KSLT, KLMP, The Point Audience started last year (we did the first floor last year, and other teams came in after us to finish it and get it back to this stage):

Everyone met their children today except Sara. We felt so bad, she was delivering gifts for Laverne and Joan, and the child has recently moved. Her mother passed away, and they have moved to La Vega(about 45 minutes from this project)...we left the gifts for her, and Mission of Mercy is going to switch her to the projects near her home-Praise God!

Tom met his boy-he is very ill, but was very excited to see Tom and Andrew. The boy has a colostomy bag, and many other issues-but is in good spirits, and has hope for the future in Jesus. Andrew has impressed all of us with his love for the kids-if there are kids around, Andrew is close at hand to throw them high in the air, and teach them the art of the "Wedgie".

Here we close to another project...Laurie met her sponsored child and family. We prayed for them, gave them gifts and visited for a while:

Kaiser brought ALOT of silly string-the kids have never seen it before, and we had trouble deciding who were the bigger kids.

We played ball, cried, visited homes, talked to the locals, cried, prayed, ate, and did it all over again at 3 different projects. The kids loved the candy, stuffed animals, flip flops, cards, crayons and toys.

I talked to a girl that is 14 years old today- she was very smart, and spoke with me on the microphone and shared how important it is for her little sister to be able to come to the project each day. She says that her 7 year old sister has shared Christ with their whole family, and she is different now. She is respectful, polite, and has so much love in her heart, that it has changed the entire family...again I am reminded- Sponsorship makes a difference for the short time, and for all Eternity!

Tomorrow.... we play ball!

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