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mitch & char

Monday, June 2

Machette's and Pick Axe's and Tarantulas.. OH MY!

An amazing day.. i was worried that we would see little fruit of our labor after touring the field yesterday, but He proved faithful and kept the team strong.

Here is a picture of where we started:(you can almost make our Roy in the brush)

and this is where we finish day one:

Machettes were flying, and hands grabbing the chopped grass over the very rough ground (oh what we would give for a disc or plow - lol)... we are amazed at the amount of manual labor went into the project today. We can all see where the field will be, in fact, we had "swathed" home-first-second-third-and back home by 11am. It really motivated the team to know that by Saturday-we will play ball with the children. So many of which came out to watch, play catch with mangos, and help us with the machette work.

The team is tired, but excited for a new day... we did have a number of run ins with foot long Milipedes, a couple rats, and ALOT of Tarantulas:

I am now more than ever-excited for these children to have a safe place to play. Many of the children were running barefoot across the field, laying down in the thick tall grass-right where our multi-legged friends were. The neighborhood starting showing up to watch and pitch in by this afternoon. It is incredible to see so many united for the same purpose...that purpose is to show love and compassion to the children, and in doing so-helping the entire family and community. They are very poor in this part of Santiago-and the Mission of Mercy project is making a huge difference. The people are very kind, and quick to thank us for working for their children.

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Chad "Pie" Landis said...

Hello Mitch (and friends).
Reading your posts I can feel the energy and excitement in your voice. The LORD has definitely put the right man on this Mitchion (pun intended). My thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire group. May God give your team strength and keep you safely in his hands.
God Bless.